Mathieu Lamontagne, halte, dérives

Il arrive que certains éléments dérivent. Après avoir eu la maîtrise de l’essentiel, des forces extérieures prennent le dessus. Les résultats peuvent donc s’avérer inattendus. Il est également possible que cela ait des conséquences positives. Malgré que l’objectif initial ne soit plus visible, la tangente prise demeure intéressante. Halte, dérives.

release date: November 30, 2016

Sound + Production | Mathieu Lamontagne

Photography | Alex Kozobolis (

Mastering | Mark Kuykendall (

Mathieu Lamontagne & Emmanuel Toledo – Belle Chemise


“Belle Chemise” is the thread of a story.

The story started with the “happy morning feeling of wearing a dress shirt” (“une Belle Chemise”), shortly followed by a share of fresh stems.

The wish to add a new chapter to our collaboration was strong (after “Variations sur tout ce qui pousse (musique pour station orbitale)”, and “6 Steps to Red Forest”).

The project started as the previous ones, with back and forth exchange of ideas between Canada (where Mathieu lives) and Finland (where Emmanuel lives). Field recordings, compositions based on analog and digital synthesizers layered along the stems shared initially, and new potential tracks were born.

The project continued but slowed down as Emmanuel temporarily moved Hangzhou for a full year.

There were limitations (lacking gear and fuzzy internet on the Chinese side), and long pauses also due to each fellow’s busy timetables, but the project was at all time ‘alive’, and it was concluded few months after the return to Finland.

The project was a first-time for both of us, with plenty of time to reflect on what we want to achieve, and with the emphasis to take the most of the original stems, over and over. The result comes as different tracks fueled by various musical approaches, but as a coherent ensemble.

So the loop is closed now, as we are finally ready to share our story, which we hope you will enjoy as much as we enjoyed creating it. We will wear “une Belle Chemise” the morning after the release for sure.


released May 20, 2016

Mathieu Lamontagne:

Emmanuel Toledo:

Artwork by Stopmotion

Mastered by Emmanuel

Belle Chemise